Faculty of Business

About The Faculty


The Faculty of Business has been started as the first and biggest academic unit to realize the main goals and objectives of the Izmir University of Economics.

The Faculty of Business offers a variety of different programs through its five active departments and Dual Diploma Program: Department of Economics, Political Sciences and International Relations , Department of Business Administration, Department of International Finance and Trade, Department of Logistics Management and Dual Diploma program with SUNY-State University of New York, New Paltz, NY. The aims of these programs are to provide the students a general background in the specialization areas of the departments and to equip them with tools of economics and administrative sciences in order to prepare them for their professional lives. The faculty also offers service courses to the students of other faculties and departments in the areas of economics and administrative sciences. The Faculty and its Departments, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Business and Graduate School of Social Sciences, also conduct several masters and doctoral programs in various specialization areas.

The faculty gives training to its students in the modern facilities, with online internet access, communication and computing systems 24 hours a day. Departments also have projects initiated by the students aiming to support the education by means of real life cases.