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We would like to congratulate and thank you for joining us.

I am positive that you have thoroughly considered all the options when you chose the program to enroll in. I am also certain that you made the right choice by joining us. We are eagerly looking forward to the days you are also happy with your choice.

As you well know, there’s no limit on human imagination. The important point is to come up with ingenious ways to realize your dreams. These innovations will change your lives as well as others.   

We strive to provide the knowledge and the tools to make your dreams come true. Alongside state of the art knowledge, we continuously try to make our education richer by employing new techniques, new programs so that we all enjoy what we are doing.

We aim to have graduates who are ethical, transparent and who make the best use of technology to create opportunities that could change the world. Our wish is that you all become individuals who contribute the growth of our nation and the world as entrepreneurs or as managers and directors at various institutions.  To help our goal, we started a mentorship program with our alumni whom you can tap on for ideas and suggestions.

Our alumni are currently working in more than 80 countries around the world in various positions. In other words, as “IUE Graduates without Borders” they connect to the world as well connecting the world.

İzmir University of Economics put great emphasis on ethics, integrity, innovation, entrepreneurship and global connections as depicted in the curriculum.  Moreover, the university offers second language courses in a wide spectrum of languages from Spanish to Japanese that are mandatory for 8 semesters. You will find ample opportunities to practice this second language with your peers whose native tongue is your second foreign language. Moreover, with the Erasmus student exchange program you will be able to study abroad in an EU country for a semester.

Our faculty accommodates many international and domestic conferences, symposiums and workshops, and all students are encouraged to actively participate in these events. TUSIAD project titled “Bu Genclikte Is Var” (loosely translated as Youth is Capable), International Student Conferences and GAMES series we organize with Dutch universities are only some examples of our student led events.

We believe that the stimulating education environment will stay with you as you realize your dreams.

 Prof.Dr. Filiz Başkan
       Acting Dean 





The seminar titled, “Finance Talks-3”, organized by Department of International Trade and Finance, Faculty of Business, Izmir University of Economics welcomed Ege Gültekin, Vice President of Akbank, as a guest speaker.

The main topic of the seminar, with a large turnout of academicians and students, was the “Non-performing Loans”. Gültekin, who shared her experiences with the students, also gave information about banking system and its main activities. Gültekin emphasized that we were going through a rapid and digital change and that the majority of future professions have not been emerged yet. “We are receiving support from artificial intelligence, large data, and robots in order to catch up with the future. We are improving ourselves in the areas of digital money and banking. Although technology is expected to raise unemployment, human power is always needed in the banking sector. Currently, 14,000 people work at Akbank and 65% of them are from Generation Y,” stated Gültekin.

Gültekin, who also gave information about her own career steps, was accompanied by Kayhan Beyhan, Izmir Regional Manager, and Çağlar Kucur, Human Resources Manager. While Kayhan Beyhan shared information about internship and job opportunities with students, Çağlar Kucur provided information about the whole job application process, step by step for students who plan for careers in the banking sector.


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IZMIR ECONOMICS WELCOMED CFA Dekan'ın Başarı Listesi Töreni

Department of International Trade and Finance, Faculty of Business, Izmir University of Economics welcomed Albert Krespin, Member of the Board of Directors, Chartered Financial Analysts Institute, and İlke Takımoğlu Homriş, Member of the Committee.

Krespin and Homriş started their presentations with the history and purpose of the institution and gave information about the CFA exams which are conducted by the Institute and accepted worldwide. Krespin, who emphasized the significance of the CFA certificate in the finance world, encouraged students to constantly improve themselves. Krespin stated that there were a limited number of individuals holding a CFA certificate, and increasing that number had a lot to do with the economy.


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President and CEO of Turkey’s Most Valuable Bank is with us - Finance Talks - 4President and CEO of Turkey’s Most Valuable Bank is with us - Finance Talks - 4
Department of International Trade and Finance will host Finance Talks-4 on May, 23 2017 at 11:00 in Conference Hall. Fuat Erbil, the President and CEO of Garanti Bank, will be the guest for this seminar and he will be talking about job opportunities in banking sector for our students and sharing his experiences in the work life with us.

Garanti Bank is one of the first two banks that people want to work with in Turkey and it also is a favorite amongst the university students with its Talent Camps which gives a glimpse of bank life to students. Mr. Erbil graduated from Computer Engineering from METU. He finished his MBA in Bilkent University and completed his “Doctorates” on Banking and Finance in Istanbul Teknik University. He has worked as a manager in different companies and banks before he joined Garanti Bank in 2015 as CEO and Board Member.

The conference is open to public and we invite everyone who is interested in the subject.

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Dean's Achievement List Ceremony 

The Faculty of Business conducts the Dean's Achievement List regularly every semester to begin from Spring 2014-2015. The main purpose of this activity is to reward and honor the undergraduate students who have achieved high academic achievement in the previous semester and the families of the students who are entitled to enter the Success List are invited.

In order to enter the Dean's Achievement List, students must have at least 3.90 out of 4 semester grade averages; Any derstens that have been taken up to that point must not be failed or withdrawn and the period course load must be complete. According to the results of the Fall Semester 2017-2018, the Success Certificate ceremony of 29 students who were entitled to enter the Success List at the Faculty of Business was held on Friday, May 4, 2018.

Faculty of Business Administration Dean Prof.Dr. After a brief briefing by Hasan F. Baklacı about the selection criteria for the families participating in the Achievement List activity, he was then sent to the ceremony and presented his certificates to the students who were entitled to enter the list of the Head of Departments. The ceremony ended with collective photo shoots


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İŞ DÜNYASININ FARK YARATANLARI İZMİR EKONOMİ’DE - 13 Mart 2017Those who make a difference in work life shared their vast experience with students at the “2nd IUE Human Resources Summit”.
IUE Rector Prof. Dr. Can Muğan, in her opening speech, pointed they aimed to train entrepreneurial individuals who would make a difference in business. The Rector said, “Our students are offered education, which is a blend of theoretical and practical information, from the academicians who are experts in their fields and from the experienced names of the business world. And during their internship, they get a chance to experience work life and combine their fresh information with practical life. They are lucky to get together with representatives who make a difference in work life. They can be inspired by vast experiences of these business leaders who make a difference and steer the future of our country.”

Prof. Dr. Hasan Fehmi Baklacı, Dean of IUE Faculty of Business, stated that the summit allowed them to witness the way to make a difference and obtain sustainable achievements. Nurten Öztürk, Founding Member of Executive Board, Opet A.S., reported that the most important reason behind her success in business was the social responsibility projects. Mete Meleksoy, President of Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, indicated that their slogan was ‘every child deserves a quality education’ and he said, “Education shall be qualified and egalitarian. Essence of everything is freedom, freedom of thought and speech. Our Foundation is based on love, attention and care and human is at the heart of our Foundation. Children are free, and their dreams should be supported. We’ve left behind 22 years; we are in our 23rd year now. We are trying to reach out to 150 thousand children with 70 thousand volunteers in one year. We’ve reached out to 2 million 500 thousand children in 22 years. Our volunteers are usually university students and students of Faculty of Education. We are lucky in that way. They are role models more than anything”.

‘The power of technology’ 

Joachim Hensch, Managing Director of Hugo Boss, Izmir, reported that technology not only entered workplaces, but our lives and clothes as well. Also, an online survey titled, ‘Values and Expectations in Business Life’ was conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Güneri Çangarlı, Head of IUE Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business, and Dr. Esin Çağlayan, Director of IUE TLC (Teaching and Learning Center). Sevgin İşlekel, General Manager of Glaxosmith-Kline, Yeşim Güra, General Manager of Hayat Su, and Didem Çerçi, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, ABank, discussed ‘The Role of Women in Business Life’ at the panel moderated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Nilgün Gürkaynak, Lecturer at Faculty of Business. And Aşkın Cavaş, HR Director of Ford Otosan and Burcu Berker Kanber, Founder of BK Brand, shared practices that make a difference in HR. 

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