Faculty of Business


Faculty of Business


Class of 2022


We would like to congratulate and thank you for joining us.

I am positive that you have thoroughly considered all the options when you chose the program to enroll in. I am also certain that you made the right choice by joining us. We are eagerly looking forward to the days you are also happy with your choice.

As you well know, there’s no limit on human imagination. The important point is to come up with ingenious ways to realize your dreams. These innovations will change your lives as well as others.   

We strive to provide the knowledge and the tools to make your dreams come true. Alongside state of the art knowledge, we continuously try to make our education richer by employing new techniques, new programs so that we all enjoy what we are doing.

We aim to have graduates who are ethical, transparent and who make the best use of technology to create opportunities that could change the world. Our wish is that you all become individuals who contribute the growth of our nation and the world as entrepreneurs or as managers and directors at various institutions.  To help our goal, we started a mentorship program with our alumni whom you can tap on for ideas and suggestions.

Our alumni are currently working in more than 80 countries around the world in various positions. In other words, as “IUE Graduates without Borders” they connect to the world as well connecting the world.

İzmir University of Economics put great emphasis on ethics, integrity, innovation, entrepreneurship and global connections as depicted in the curriculum.  Moreover, the university offers second language courses in a wide spectrum of languages from Spanish to Japanese that are mandatory for 8 semesters. You will find ample opportunities to practice this second language with your peers whose native tongue is your second foreign language. Moreover, with the Erasmus student exchange program you will be able to study abroad in an EU country for a semester.

Our faculty accommodates many international and domestic conferences, symposiums and workshops, and all students are encouraged to actively participate in these events. TUSIAD project titled “Bu Genclikte Is Var” (loosely translated as Youth is Capable), International Student Conferences and GAMES series we organize with Dutch universities are only some examples of our student led events.

We believe that the stimulating education environment will stay with you as you realize your dreams.

 Prof.Dr. Filiz Başkan
       Acting Dean